Our Services


Program Design

We will help you come up with a  and set up a progrram that is right for your venue, whether that be a yacht club, community sailing center, rental center or a different organization.


We can help you set your staff for your organization. We can post jobs, filter applications and do preliminary interviews.


We can set a number of different curriculum for your program. Some examples include learn to sail, adventure, race, science, and more!

Budget and Finance

We can set up a budget and a finance plan for you.  

Equipment and Assets

We can help with buying or selling assets and equipment. We are very experienced determining which equipment is what appropriate for each type of program.

Marketing and Registration

We can set up a marketing plan and a registration system for your program.

Training and Operations

We can train your your staff and set up operations.

Safety Planning

We can set up your safety plans. We have set up plans for all emergency situations, including inclement weather, on water emergency situations, evacuations, and more.  

Technology and Social Media

We can set up your technology and social media. We will set up a plan for constant communications with your clients. 


Ready to find out more?

It starts with a conversation. We will develop a full understanding of your current program, challenges, and constraints. In collaboration with all stakeholders, we will define the vision and prepare a detailed proposal for implementation.